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Creativity And Business Are Dating!

#Creativity and #Business have always been awkward partners and if you point them out in a crowded room of business people, they would probably look away from each other! However, as the world changes this relationship has become more acceptable, maybe even essential and #CEO’s and #leaders around the world have started to say ‘That looks pretty good to me'.

A company's ability to remain relevant, #sustai

nable and grow will hang entirely on its ability to #innovate and find solutions to new business challenges in this uncertain environment. This must, of course, be driven by leadership. Not the kind of leadership that persists in thinking that they must do what they have always done in a more efficient and reproducible way, but the type of leadership that can ‘feel’ the changing times and see over the horizon to ‘what could or should be in the future. Leaders need to become the #designers and orchestrators of #tomorrow. They need to be #creative leaders.

Innovation allows companies to tap into the fresh, value-creating ideas of their employees and those of their customers, partners, suppliers and others. The fact is that innovation is a core driver of growth, performance, and sustainability.

We must also acknowledge that innovation CAN NOT happen without creativity. Creativity is the beating heart of innovation and without it innovation is dead. As normal human beings, we often fall into the trap of looking good on the outside, fancy clothes, cool hairstyle, etc but we often miss out on going to the gym, eating healthily, meditating and taking care of the essential part of being able to survive.

Innovation in companies can be a lot like this. A quick, single idea, looks great, people are impressed, while all the time the essential part of the process, the creative thinking part, the creative part, is being neglected and this will end badly. We must harness and build our creative abilities.

Creative Leadership has been described as the number one skill that is going to be needed in business as we move forward into uncertainty. Uncertainty can be exciting if we are prepared and open enough to be the architects of it, and imagine, build and create our way forward. So with this in mind, we need to ensure that the relationship between business and creativity is a healthy one, that we train and go to the gym to keep ourselves creatively healthy on the inside and this will manifest on the outside as fantastic ideas, happy workforce, exciting futures and sustainable growth and, even better, a sustainable world!

Author: Jonathan Moss www.artschoolforbusiness.com #mckinsey #ƒorbes

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