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We help you see things differently.

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If you have just decided that you need some ideas and you need them quickly then a 'HIT' session is just what you need.

HIT (high-intensity thinking) sessions are like on-demand brainstorming workshops run by a senior facilitator for you and your teams at the time you need them and won't take up all your day. 


Virtual sessions that can be dropped into meetings and put on your agenda!  It's like having your own Director of Ideas on your team but without the car parking!

End your meeting with quality ideas that you know have broken out of 'usual-think' syndrome.  Fully Confidential.

H.I.T.s  Individual brainstorming workshops and bundle options

Online - Put us on the agenda.

Thirty-minute, one hour and one and a half hour sessions that can get you teams focussed and get quality ideas quickly.  Use these ideas to solve problems, explore new possibilities or jump-start new projects.  Not as in-depth as the whole day workshops but easy access, high energy and productive with a great ROI.  Plan them into your meetings and put them on the agenda, these sessions can be prepared and ready to go when its time.  


More Please.

If you have tried our sessions and are super impressed ( and hopefully you are)  It may be worth considering buying a bundle of HITS to reduce cost and ensure availability.  Get your HIT sessions in three, six and nine hour bundles so you can save money, time and plan successive sessions or split them amongst teams.  Great value and a great way to make ideas work for you.