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In hyper-competitive business environments, those enterprises that are able to solve difficult business challenges, develop unique products, services and customer experiences will survive and succeed.  Innovation goes hand in hand with creativity; higher creativity leads to more innovation.

Art School for Business' Creative Ecosystem™️  is an approach to building truely creative  business cultures that have innovation, sustainability and people at its heart.  If you are a forward looking organisation that wants to move into the future with confidence then we may be partner you are looking for. 

The initial stages of Art School for Business' Creative Ecosystem project consists of;

  • Assessment of current innovation capacity.

  • Conversations with the leadership team.

  • Interviews with staff from across the organisation

  • Anonymous questionnaires.

  • Site visits. (where possible under current Covid rules and proximity)

  • Reviewing current systems for capturing and rewarding ideas

  • Reporting on findings and meeting with senior management.

Following our initial consultation we then work with you to plan and build your creative ecosystem.  This is a multi-faceted approach and will introduce;
  • Training to develop creative leadership skills, mindsets and behaviours.

  • New approaches to onboarding staff.

  • Systems of capture and reward.

  • Training for teams in creative thinking techniques and methods.

  • Looking for opportunities to innovate.

  • Workspace design.

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