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Our workshops are designed to supercharge your ability to innovate by helping your teams think more creatively and generate increased amounts of high-quality ideas. Our facilitated workshops, training and projects all increase the chance that you will achieve your innovation goals whether they are designing new products and services, solving tricky business challenges or building a culture of innovators.
Guided by expert facilitators you and your teams will experience the power of creative thinking and true innovation. 

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Ideas Required.

Idea Generation

We design and facilitate your ideation workshop for you.Our idea generation workshops are designed to provoke, extend, guide and capture your team's ideas and imagine a world of passion creating products, services, marketing strategies and brand stories.

Each workshop is tailor-made to generate a huge variety of possibilities and solutions and then, using proven creativity tools and techniques, develop the best value producers.

We can even guide you through creative prototyping to strengthen and refine concepts that’ll lead to the breakthroughs you desire.

Art School’s (FB) superpower is to ignite the greatest possible creative thinking from your team.

What?    Between 1-5 days, dependant on the desired outcome, 'back to back' or over a number of weeks.


Where?  An on-site or virtual option is available for global or dispersed teams.

Who?     Up to 12 people.  HR Teams, R&D, Project Managers, Marketing, etc.  Option to include external experts,                                specialists and 'wildcards' into the group.


  • Open up the 'thinking' space to allow for truly creative concepts to get a voice.

  • Generate massive amounts of original ideas.

  • Get to the ideas that will make a big difference.

  • Manage the problem of rejecting great ideas that seem impossible.

  • Get your teams working in 'creative harmony'

  • Refine concepts and prototypes to get the best fit.

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Run Your Own

Learn to facilitate your own idea generation workshops through this training workshop.  You will learn the key principles of structured idea generation, how you work together as a team, exactly what divergent and convergent thinking is and the importance of a creative mindset.  Learn to explore wider 'thinking spaces' and find and protect ideas so they can be used to reach your goals.

A highly interactive and thoroughly enjoyable workshop that will really help you build a skill set that can be turned into a competitive advantage.

What?    Between 1-2 days, depending on cohort size.


Where?  An on-site or virtual option is available for global or dispersed teams.

Who?     Up to 12 people.  senior management, HR Teams, R&D, Project Managers, Marketing and anybody likely to be                        working on group ideation as a part of an improvement or development project. 


  • Introduces you to key concepts of powerful idea generation and a working methodology.

  • To be able to generate lots of original ideas regularly and in a repeatable way.

  • Get to the ideas that will make a big difference to your team and the business.

  • Manage the problem of rejecting great ideas that seem impossible.

  • Get your teams working in 'creative harmony', this can be difficult when working on ideas!!

  • Develop a team that can be the champions of your new creative business culture.

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Be your best creative self. 

This workshop is highly interactive and focused on the skills of creativity, creative thinking, idea generation techniques, creative problem solving and teamwork.

It provides attendees with a range of creative problem solving, creativity and innovation tools and techniques and highlights the relationship between creativity and innovation. It also includes a methodology for immediately applying those skills. Attendees develop solutions to real work challenges in this session and this offers an immediate return on your training investment.

What?    1-2 days 'back to back' or over a week.


Where?  An on-site or virtual option is available for global or dispersed teams.

Who?     Up to 15 people.  All levels across the organisation.  This workshop is especially useful if you are able to identify                    individuals that may become key drivers of innovation in the future.


  • Use a range of creative thinking techniques that are usable immediately in your work.

  • learn about creativity and how to become a more creative thinker.

  • Learn mindsets and language patterns that help or hinder creativity, problem-solving and master creative teamwork.

  • Learn powerful creative processes and the theory behind creative, convergent and divergent thinking.

  • Understand that we are all creative and play our part in an organisational innovation culture.

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Team Work and Problem Solving.

This workshop is a real eye-opener and has been useful for companies around the world that have built creative teams that work together amazingly.


Based on an approach used by George Prince of American innovation company 'Synectics', this session asks a team that work together to bring a problem or opportunity to the table to find multiple solutions (we don’t deal in one idea approaches)


The session is digitally recorded and assessed to see what went well, how much time was wasted, the number of ideas that were generated and captured and what approach the team took.  Personalities,  human relationship dynamics, conflicts and mindsets are laid bare for all to see and it's not always pretty.  Don’t worry though you will get lots of pointers to work together with maximum efficiency and creativity.

What?    Half a day.  If more teams are involved it is possible to extend this.


Where?  On-site or virtual option is available for global or dispersed teams.

Who?     Up to 6-7 people. This number is to ensure the maximum efficiency of the training.  No one is left out and everybody takes away valuable learning.


  • Understand how your teams 'actually' work together on challenges.

  • Observe and review a 'business challenge' solution finding sessions.

  • Review good and unhelpful practices and group dynamics that hinder success.

  • Implement and test new approaches to teamwork when working on challenges.

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.