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Become an ICBM!

(Insanely Creative Business Mind:)

One lesson. 

One hour. 

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Develop real-world techniques in one hour with Art School F.B's accelerated learning sessions.


If you need innovation to be 'up-front and centre' of what you do, there is nothing better than having a team of people that have the skills and confidence to find it, support it and make it happen.


Experience techniques that can seriously change the game.


One hour to power. 

Radically change the way you work with our 1-hour creative thinking and innovation courses that build skills without you checking your watch.

This is our introduction to creativity and its increasingly important role in business.  We look at why creativity is getting such a lot of coverage by business leaders and research bodies and look at what the benefits of building a more creatively confident can be on the bottom line and other aspects of the business.  If you want to know how to get on board, this is the workshop for you and its Free!

Creative problem-solving techniques get the very best results from your teams and importantly are repeatable  In this workshop you will be introduced to the 3 pillars of creative problem solving, divergent and convergent thinking, techniques to generate great ideas and how to deal with choosing difficult but intriguing solutions that have been generated.

Creating Together.

The Creative Team.

Working together to generate ideas can be difficult for even the most experienced and mature teams.  Understanding the best ways to communicate, respond, present ideas and deal with the downright impossible will be the key to getting your very best ideas out of your head and keep them alive long enough to become innovations of the future.

Spending time getting the right solution to the wrong problem takes up time, money and is demoralising. Learning to get to the right question or ‘problem statement’ is the key component to generating lots of ideas that are useful and more likely to be really innovative. This session shows teams the strategies that can be used to produce powerful 'What ifs' and practice generating multiple starting points to get to the best solutions. 

Creativity and Innovation And How They Work Together.

Creativity and innovation are different sides of the same coin.  Creativity is the main part of the innovation equation and you need to understand this relationship to get them to work in harmony to and build a competitive advantage.  This workshop explains this important relationship and shows how to take advantage of it.

Creative Problem Solving Techniques.

This session introduces you to powerful structured creative problem-solving techniques.  These are incredibly important for developing ideas and form the backbone of creative thinking.  We explore how and why they work and experience using them in this session.  Perfect for groups and individuals who need lots of ideas and can be used immediately.  An interactive and enjoyable session.

This session is a 1-hour blast to help you understand that you are already creative and we just need to access your creativity.  We do this by looking at what blocks real creativity and give you some tried and tested approaches to break through your barriers. A hands on session, this one may change the way you view the world!

One Hour Problem Solving Workshop

This session is a one hour facilitated idea blast.  In this session we will take your team through a one hour workshop where we will get a bag full of fantastic ideas to a challenge or opportunity.  The session is designed to give your teams some experience or working in an idea workshop facilitated by a creativity expert and give them more creative confidence to take creative risks.

This team activity workshop is an eye-opener!  Do you know what really happens when you work as a team?  This assessment of your team working together on a problem gives powerful insight into personalities, bias, leadership and all the things that are preventing you from working efficiently together.  After this session, you will understand more about your group dynamics and be able to avoid the pitfalls of working on ideas together .  Warning this is very powerful and  can seriously improve your innovation capacity!

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.