TWENTY years of creativity, innovation and training with over 15,000 students in an ART SCHOOL to founding ART SCHOOL FOR BUSINESS, the only Art School dedicated to helping organisations become more creative, Jonathan has dedicated his life to creative thinking, problem-solving and building creative environments where everybody flourishes.


Art School for Business helps businesses develop a more creatively confident leadership and workforce. 
Our mission is to help you grow your organisational by leveraging creativity and supporting you in the development of new projects, enhance your team's creative problem-solving skills and build creatively confident teams that successfully and consistently imagine, design and deliver innovative outcomes for the business. 


Some of the benefits of turning to the creative side are....

  • Improves staff efficiency.

  • Increases teams and individuals problem-solving capability.

  • Increased staff happiness and morale.

  • Improved ability to attract and retain quality employees.

  • Better team working and team bonding.

  • Increased workplace engagement and interaction.

  • Find a fit for your product/offers in other market segments.

  • Encourages people to find better solutions.

  • Leverage your staff's experience and interests to grow business.

  • Build intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in staff.

  • Master the key ingredient in the innovation process.

  • Think in different ways, become more agile and pivot quickly.

  • Manage ambiguity easily in a complex environment.

  • Increase systemic creativity and collaboration between people that can help you adapt to change quickly.

  • Improve communication between teams.

  • Helps in decommissioning internal silos and associated thinking.

  • Builds creative teams that are happy, and support a healthy work environment.

  • Take the fear out of asking questions and use this to find insights that can save you cash.

  • Helps staff to feel appreciated and have a sense of accomplishment.

  • Builds staff loyalty and connection to the business.

  • Enjoy a creative life.