A More Creative Approach To Business

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Art School for Business unlocks the creativity of your workforce to accelerate innovation, revitalise teams, increase productivity, imagine exciting new products and services, customer experiences and more.

We help businesses invigorate staff and find their best ideas while at the same time developing strong creative leaders, teams and cultures all through our enhanced creativity workshops for business, ideation sessions and bespoke creative problem solving training.


Art School for Business specialises in creativity in business and designs and runs workshops to help you achieve your business challenges.

1-2 Day facilitated workshops.

  • Idea generation for new projects, opportunities or challenges. 

  • How to run your own ideation workshops and to overcome the challenges involved.

  • Creative problem-solving techniques.

  • How to re-find and supercharge your natural creative talent and use it in business.

  • Building creative business cultures.

One-hour workshops. Online or CPD / Training days.

  • 9, One-hour lessons that include creative problem-solving, innovation, teamwork and more! 

  • Perfect for Staff development days, CPD, pre-project preparation and culture building.

  • Online or on-site. 

  • Combine lessons to build a training day or personal development package.

  • Bespoke sessions can be designed for you to meet your training needs.

Drop-in idea generation and capture sessions.

  • HIT (high-intensity thinking) sessions are on-demand brainstorming sessions run by a senior facilitator for you and your teams in your regular meetings.  Online meetings (Zoom,Teams)  or when you are physically on-site and have access to hybrid conferencing resources.

  • Perfect for quick idea generation and capture but on a smaller or exploratory scale.

  • Put us on your meeting agenda to build energy and raise expectations.  It's like having your own Director of Ideas on your team but without the car parking!​

  • End your meeting with quality ideas that you know have broken out of 'usual thinking' syndrome.  Fully Confidential.

  • Great ROI.

We show you how you can benefit from your own workforce's creativity and its capacity to become your number one competitive advantage. 


Creativity is the most powerful and often undervalued skill that you and your teams have!

Art School for Business works with you in partnership.  We aim to help you really get to grips with creativity, its critical role in problem-solving and the innovation process, so you are always able to develop your own solutions and always be in control.  This, we find, puts so much more energy into the innovation process and avoids the 'Not invented here' problem.  We know that your business has people with fantastic ideas and we know how to get to them and turn ideas into real-world, high impact outcomes.  So, let's work together. 
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